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femSense – from cycle tracker to Kinderwunsch conception support

Track your fertility cycle with the app and get to know and understand your own body better and when you are ready to start a family you can combine the app with the femSense Kinderwunsch conception support patch. This revolutionary patch can detect your ovulation and therefore help you get pregnant quicker. Hormone free, discreet and completely natural. And your personal details? Safe, anonymous and protected!

femsense Kinderwunsch Conception Support Becoming a mother has never been so easy! femsense Kinderwunsch conception support is the newest and most innovative way to detect ovulation and your fertile days, discreetly non-invasively and, with the femsense sensor, accurately.

It´s so easy: Download the app, register, buy your patches in the app and start femsense Kinderwunch conception support. femsense will guide you every step of the way, tell you when to apply the patch and when you have your fertile days. As soon as an ovulation has been detected femsense will let you know, and you can remove the patch. The discreet patch must only be worn for a few days during your cycle.

With femSense you can: • Plan your pregnancy for when it suits you • Measure your basal body temperature while you sleep • Determine if and when you ovulated • Narrow your fertile window down to 4 days per cycle

femSense also offers: • Precise sensor technology; continuous and exact temperature measurement without any effort • Comfort; the wafer-thin temperature sensor in the patch measures reliably and discreetly • Continuous measurement; femSense compares temperature curves over several days and can therefore reliably determine ovulation • NFC technology; the femSense patch is read out using Near Field Communication technology used worldwide on a daily basis in contactless payments • Clear instructional videos • Period calendar and diary with the femSense cycle tracker in the app

femSense Cycletracker Never want to be surprised by your period on holiday again? Just download the femSense app and keep a diary of your period and the various symptoms you experience. Our algorithms recognize your body´s patterns and can predict the stages of your cycle. Be informed of where you are in your cycle and how it affects your health and moods knowing that with femSense your personal data is in safe hands and will never be sold to a third party. The femSense Cycle Tracker is the perfect choice if you want to get pregnant in the foreseeable future. You can always combine the app with the femSense Kinderwunsch conception support patches to determine your fertile days even more precisely. The longer you use the Cycle Tracker and the more detail you give, the better femSense knows your individual cycle, and the greater your chance of getting pregnant quickly.

With the femSense Cycle Tracker you can: • Always see when your next period is due • Identify your fertile days • Keep a record of symptoms and moods • Have a statistical history of your cycle

Please note that femSense is not intended as a method of contraception.

For more information: Website: www.femsense.com Blog: www.femsense.com/blog

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femSense Kinderwunsch TTC

Planning a family naturally

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